Sunday, February 26, 2006


Well, I know that it would be nice that, ever since most of the songs I write are in english, I post in english as well from time to time. So, I'll try to sum these few past posts up in some lines in english! There we go.

The Baltic Sea is a new band, or at least I hope it's a band someday (it's only me so far...). I played guitar and sang sometimes in Renochild for a long time, but the band disappeared a few months ago and I decided that I was going to keep on making music. And here I am.

In the other posts I try to speak a little bit about what the songs mean. What I, somehow want to say, or express in tracks such as Lapland, where I speak about the north, and how magnetic it seems to me, a southern guy who stands long and dry and extremely hot summers every year (I was born and raised in Sevilla, close to the south end of Europe). It's funny how my concept of "paradise" has no palmtrees and no white sands... for me Lapland, or the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi in Finland or Cape Nord in Norway are closer to that special place to get lost than the Cayman Islands.

I set up a tiny studio in my tiny bedroom and started to face the fact that I had no idea how to deal up with recording software, such as Nuendo or Reason... so a few friends of mine showed up and helped! (David, Raúl, AJ, Marce...) That was about six weeks ago. Now I have already recorded three demos Lapland, For all these years and Seychelles. Only drafts, but useful to start!

Once I'm done with this first step, I'll start gratefully accepting all those helping hands I've been offered (Elías, Julio, Juano, Kiko...) and we'll take all those demos to the studio, that will be the real beginning for The Baltic Sea.. but there are still a million things to be done before that finally happens...

So in the meantime I am working as hard as I can to get everything ready as quickly as possible, because I need this to start working, I need the project to start breathing.

I'll post in english more often from now on. No worries.

Thanks for reading! take care.


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Monday, 27 February, 2006  
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