Friday, December 22, 2006


The time of slumber comes creeping through the open fields and deep trees
Sparkling white cristal flakes blazing across the smooth Fall air
I miss everything at a time and my mood is grey and blue
Restless, I reach out but I touch no warmth
The time for people to gather around the fire place comes whistling
Drifting over fences and closed doors, and valleys
And I miss belonging to someone
I mis her, I miss you, myself and what my world was about
Now we don't exist anymore No, we don't belong anywhere anymore
When I wake up in a sunny day in Febrebruary
The days will enlarge slightly
The nights will warm up slowly
And a first new day will burn me down
As if the flames of the fire we never lighted
The cold makes me laugh slower
The winter makes me think about the things I should have told you
And the times I said too much
Life is full of unexactness
Life is full of dramaticaly beautiful mistakes.