Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I can’t deny there is always some certain feeling of disorientation when I write, no matter what I write about.
I guess that’s because I really miss all those things I usually extoll in my songs, the (great) North, the cold wind blowing outside, Isolation, love, dissapointment… in the end, I have actually experienced some of them, but it is still funny how I find the bravery to speak about intuitions other times… anyway.

I know I should write in English more often, and I do apologize to you guys who come and check this blog out and never find undertandable things…

Many things have happened within the last months. We got signed with a nice record lable, we started to work in ‘Fothcoming Science Theory’ (yes, the album!), the band has grown (I mean, we are still four members, but know we are more a band than we were before)…

This new year is going to be a great year, I am sure it will. Seems like things couldn’t really get any worse in 2006 for some of us and now all we do is improving our lives! And, regarding The Baltic Sea, the new year comes full of plans, hopes and commitments.

We hope to see you there, where ever you might be. All we do is to set the grounds for things to be Ok within the next months and so, we hope to make a great album that takes us touring far away to meet you, people from faraway places.

Let’s keep in touch.